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Greetings, fellow readers!
In this section of my blog I will be posting images and comments concerning my work on the Segmentum Imperialis: War Zone Alpha set.

 Right now I'm awaiting the delivery so that I may start working on it! I'll let you know as soon as I receive it. I'll also write a short note from the unboxing process. From what I hear it's a huge package so it'll be loads of fun!

8th August 2014

The package has been delivered to the store and I'm going to pick it up on Saturday.

12th August 2014

After four days I can finally present you some pictures of the set I've received. Here's the photo of the set before unboxing:

From this set it is possible to create the following scenery pieces:

3x Basilica Administratum
1,5x Sanctum Imperialis
1x Manufactorum
1x Shrine of the Aquila
1x Aegis Defence Line
4x Crater / 8x Barricade

Because I plan to use the set to create a flexible and tactical scenery and since the board itself kind of enforces the location of the buildings (mainly because of the road) I need to plan out the construction of the buildings so that I can put them in different positions and at different locations. This will provide me with enough options to create a scenery that will not be the same each time. Here's the basic lookout of the scenery based on what I have assembled so far:

 As you can see, even with only half the buildings assembled, the board already contains enough scenery to play a small game of around 700 points. Below there are a few shots of the scenery pieces:

 Shrine of the Aquila

Basilica Administratum


All of the buildings require further assembly, but it will be completed when I finish painting them. For tomorrow I plan to build the Sanctum Imperialis and maybe some of the smaller ruins based on what parts I will have left available. I hope you liked it. If yes, please leave feedback!

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