My army of Ghost Warriors

This section will guide you through my Iyanden Warhost: The Guardians of Eternity.

The beginning

The story of my Iyanden Warhost is quite fresh and new, although the plans of creating one came to my head a long time ago. The main reason behind this is very simple. I always liked the look of constructs. Even the old models looked great, though they were (and probably still are) very expensive. I created once a full Iyanden list containing around 40 Wraithguard and some Wraithlords but when I realized the astronomical price I would need to pay for it, I gave up that list but tried it a few times during some friendly matches. I played using Guardians as Wraithguard. The results weren't quite as I hoped but still they gave me a few ideas that I have developed later and which I'm using right now when playing my Ghost Warriors.

Currently my Iyanden Warhost consists of the following units:

4 Warlocks

5 Wraithguard with Wraithcannons
5 Wraithguard with D-Scythes
10 Wraithbaldes with Ghost Axes & Force Shields
10 Guardians
5 Rangers

4 Wave Serpents (although two of them are painted in Saim-Hann colours for my generic Eldar list)

Helmlock Wraithfighter

2 Wraithknights
Vaul's Wrath Support Battery

I plan to get another Wraithlord and some more Support Batteries in the future so that I may use the 'Ghost Warriors' formation that GW has released on 8th December.

Below I present you the photo of my entire Iyanden Warhost.

4th Jan 2014

Some of the models are not yet finished, others are painted Saim-Hann. Due to little amount of time right now they look miserable together, but starting from February, I should have more time so the models will look more like an army and less like a bunch of individuals, each painted differently.

The scheme I have in mind will use mostly yellow and blue, with some additions of bleached bone, black, red and grey.

1st Apr 2014

As my army continues to grow and take shape, I have decided to put an update photo, so that you may see the process of creating my warhost.

The changes are minor, but take a lot of time. Compared to the last picture:
  • Left Wave Serpent is finished
  • All small constructs have their new bases (some still W.I.P)
  • Wraithblades (left) have been assembled and primered. Two of them are already painted.
  • Wraithblades (center left) are finished
  • Wraithguard with D-Scythes (center right) are now all painted in Iyanden's colour scheme.
  • Wraithguard (right) are fully assembled.

10th Sep 2015

It's been a while since I last posted but I had quite a few important events in my life so I was forced to go astray from the path of Twilight for a while. Now that I have more time again, I decided to give you an update on my Iyanden Warhost, since it has both expanded and improved over the last year and a half. Below you can find the actual photo of a part of my Iyanden army, that is painted enough to be considered a part of  Iyanden army:

Most of the models are still in a work in progress state, but now they look much more consistent.
As for now, I consider the right serpent, War Walker, Vyper, both Wraithknights, both units of guardians, the Avatar, and the right unit of Wraithblades to be finished in regards of painting. But all models that do not have the darker and modelled base, require some additional work to make the bases consistent too. Below are the photos of those units:

Apart from those shown on the photo, I have other models that will be a part of the Iyanden army as well (as soon as I get them a few layers of paint):

2 Farseers,
3 Warlocks,
10 Guardian Defenders with a platform
2 War Walkers
2 Night Spinners
2 Wave Serpents
10 Rangers

Those models however, require loads of work before they can be shown here, so I've decided to postpone photographing them untill they are ready.

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