Painting and modelling

In this section I will be posting articles concerning painting and modelling. Here you will find some useful tips and information on how to give your army a personality. I use mostly Games Workshop's colour range , but there are few exceptions. Whenever I use a paint that is not theirs I will state the producer in brackets so that you may buy it as well if you liked the colour.


My first models I am painting in Iyanden colours are the Ghost Warriors of Ulthanash.

This is a unit consisting of 5 Wraithblades armed with Ghost Axes and Force Shields. Right now they are painted only with basic colours without any highlights and shades (except the second warrior to the left - he is pretty much finished and needs only a few details and ornaments), but as the work will progress with time, there will be another layers. Below I'm giving you the colour scheme:

  • Body
    • Basecoat: Averland Sunset
    • Shade: Baal Red
    • Highlight: Yriel Yellow
  • Head, Brassards and Breechcloth
    • Basecoat: Regal Blue
    • Shade: Asuremen Blue
    • Highlight: Alaitoc Blue
  • Base
    • Basecoat: Bleached Bone & XV88
    • Shade: Devlan Mud
    • Highlights: Bleached Bone + Ceramite White
  • Shield
    • Basecoat: Mithril Silver & Shining Gold
    • Shade: Devlan Mud
  • Axe
    • Blade: Mithril silver for basecoat and Nihilakh Oxide for 
    • Hand: Imperial Black for basecoat and Fortress Grey for highlight
  • Gems
    • Basecoat: Mephiston Red
    • Highlight: Insignia Red (Pactra)
Each model in the unit is bearing the symbol of their house: The Crown of Ultanash. Next post will be about how did I do the base scenery and any progress I've made with the unit. Leave your comments and let me know what you think!

Here's the updated photo of the Wraithblades. The bases are finished, the shading and highlights are completed too. The only work that is to be done is painting the breechcloth with some Iyanden symbols.

Next project, that I've started concerns a Wave serpents. Currently, I have four, but for now only two of them reflect the Iyanden colour scheme, and only one is finished completely:

Let me know what do you think of it. The other serpents will have different plates painted blue. I'll post their photos as soon as they will be finished.

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