Thursday, 19 December 2013

My first post

Welcome to my Iyanden Army blog. After over ten years spent on playing Warhammer Fantsy Battle and Warhammer 40k, I have decided to open my own blog dedicated to an army I've been playing from the very beginning: The Eldar. They received a new Codex in June as well as a supplement for Iyanden, one of the craftworlds. I plan to create sections concerning various aspects of this amazing hobby.

 First section will be dedicated to my own army of the Ghost Warriors. Here I am planning to post updates about what do I with my army, some concepts of its development and projects I am undertaking.

Second section will be dedicated to strategy. Here I will share some ideas on how to use this army effectively. I will point out some rules for creating an Iyanden Host and the basics behind it. Here you will find also the analysis of the Eternal War missions that will help you understand the role of each element in the army.

Third section will be about artistic side of the hobby: painting, modelling, and creating scenery.

Last section will be about wargaming. There I will be posting battle reports from tournaments I will take part in, some conclusions that will come from great victories and bitter defeats.

I hope, that by running this blog I'll manage to convince you to start collecting your own Iyanden army or encourage you to share with your own ideas. May the craftworld light your path!

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