Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Eternal Struggle continues

With each day passed, the eldar near more and more to the inevitable. Desperate times require desperate measures. With the rules for new edition released, the image of my ghost warriors may become even more complete than before. The new rules for psychic phase allow me to use the potential of my Wraithfighter to the limit. In addition to Eldrad, two spiritseers and some warlocks will help me with what I plan: to crush the enemy not only with the constructs but summoned deamons as well! The background for this is simple. I present you a short story:
Long time ago had Eldrad mastered a way to bend the foul creatures of the warp to his will. Thanks to his exceptional skill and a lifetime experience, he can safely manipulate the energies of the warp to summon the minions of She, Who Thirsts. The only difficulty he had with using them is the fact that all eldar fear those deamons so much, that they start panicking on the battlefield. Thus Eldrad now is feared by his own kind and had become even less welcome aboard all other craftwolrds. All but one. Eldrad believes, that only the Dying Flame in the Darkness, the Eternal Flame of Asurian can provide him the means to fulfill his only goal: the destruction of the Great Enemy. Two Spiritseers, residing within the Ghost Halls, along with a handful of warlocks understand the plan Eldrad has. Becoming plucked deeper and deeper into the Infinity Circuit every time they summon the dead to fight for them, their emotions had bleached. Fear, love and passion have long lost their true meaning becoming empty, hollow and meaningless words. They fear the Great Enemy no more. Thanks to this, the constructs they command submit to the will of the Spiritseers more easily, further strenghtening Eldrad's cause. Beyond the great halls of the craftworlds, a silent alliance between craftworlds Ulthwe and Iyanden has been forged. An alliance, that shall end the days of running and start a new era and the once powerful race will take back their place as the undisputed masters of the galaxy.

I already had bought some deamonettes. They are assembled and await painting along with some of the eldar stuff. I shall submit some pictures ofthem soon.

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